A simple and innovative way to
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Your site “a la carte”

Pimwi allows you to build your own website using content blocks called “Pimwi cards.” Each card is adapted to the content you want to highlight: Menu item, location, hours, contact information, presentation of your business, photo gallery, promotions …

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Simple and intuitive

You want to change the layout of your site? it’s really simple. You just have to change the position of your blocks directly in you page with a drag and drop. It’s as simple as a set of bricks for children.

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A site to your image

With Pimwi, you can personnalize your site in a few minutes. Place your logo, your own header, customize the color of your main site. Nothing is easier than to make a website that looks like you or that looks like your company.

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For all media

With Pimwi, you can quickly build a beautiful site, visible on all devices with the use of the responsive design. Your website can be seen and consulted on iphone, smartphone, tablet or PC.

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Necessarily perfect

No risk to fool you ! No need for graphics or technical skills, Pimwi handles everything. With a sleek, modular design, your site will be stylish and professional, down to the smallest detail.

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Endless possibilities

With a large number of available cards, your site is infinitely scalable. Now there is no limit to your creativity, whatever your business is, Pimwi will meet your expectations.

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New cards await you regularly!

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